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The Wendekreisen Koru Star 4 Freedom Campervan is expertly crafted for off-grid adventures, accommodating a maximum of four adults. It stands out as a premier choice for a four-person motorhome rental in New Zealand.

Equipped with a robust 130KW engine upgrade, the VW Crafter boasts an array of advanced safety features. These include side wind compensation, autonomous emergency braking, collision warning assist, and an active 360° sensor side protection system. Furthermore, the Crafter meets the stringent EU6 emission standard and achieves exceptional fuel efficiency at just 10l/100km.

The front seating arrangement is thoughtfully designed to ensure passenger comfort and promote social interaction during travel. It easily transforms into a cozy social and dining area when the rear beds are not in use. Tinted windows and high-quality curtains provide both privacy and contribute to a peaceful sleeping environment.

Key amenities of this campervan encompass a user-friendly onboard touch screen with a built-in reversing camera, a convenient pull-out pantry, a fully functional bathroom with a handbasin, a 130-liter fridge, a spacious kitchen bench, a 3-burner gas cooker with a sink, and ample storage space.

Staying true to the freedom range legacy, this vehicle incorporates a powerful 340-watt MPPT controlled solar system. Complemented by two top-notch deep cycle batteries, it offers an impressive 2.88 kilowatt hours or 240 amp hours of in-house battery storage. This combination of efficient solar power and ample energy storage facilitates extended periods of independent camping. The hot water supply is generated by an instantaneous gas system, ensuring hot water on demand.

Furthermore, the campervan is fitted with USB and 12V power outlets for easy charging of modern handheld devices. The vehicle showcases remarkable energy efficiency during freedom camping, thanks to energy-saving appliances and LED lighting.

In addition, a 2.2KW diesel heating system has been integrated to enhance energy storage capacity and decrease the need for LPG gas refills. This heating system is connected to the 75-liter diesel tank and consumes an average of 300ml per hour for heating purposes.

Overall, this vehicle ensures safe transportation with minimal fuel consumption, specifically designed to enhance the experience of independent camping away from costly campgrounds.

We look forward to your stay.

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