Clubby 2

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Clubby 2

Introducing the Clubby Campervans by Road Runner—meticulously designed to prioritize your comfort and convenience on the road. These 2-Berth campervans offer an enhanced storage solution above the seats and generous headroom, ensuring a spacious and cozy environment during your travels. The Clubby Campervans are not only easy to maneuver but also cost-effective, making them a valuable addition to your New Zealand adventure.

Revel in the freedom to explore the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand at your own pace, unhindered by rigid itineraries. The Clubby Campervan is your ticket to an adventure tailored to your preferences, providing you with the flexibility to follow your own path.

Available for pick-up from both our Christchurch and Auckland depots, the Clubby 2-Berth campervan accommodates 2 adults comfortably. Its thoughtfully designed interior is equipped with essential features to elevate your New Zealand holiday experience. Discover the full range of inclusions that come with this economically efficient campervan by scrolling down below!

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