Kiwi Cruise 4

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Kiwi Cruise 4

Selecting the ideal vacation option with the Kiwi Cruise is a breeze. Revel in the comfort of the island bed coupled with the additional room provided by the extended length of this vehicle. The double bed located at the front ingeniously descends from the ceiling, ensuring it doesn’t encroach on your living space when not in use. This thoughtful design optimizes the living area and enhances your overall experience.

One notable feature is the bathroom door, strategically positioned to open and lock onto the opposing interior wall. This clever arrangement effectively segregates the bedroom and bathroom from the living area, affording you increased privacy during your travels. A well-appointed kitchen further adds to the appeal, offering a delightful cooking experience with three gas hobs, an oven/grill, and a generously sized fridge/freezer.

This highly functional motorhome is tailor-made for exploring the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand. Revel in the journey, traverse stunning terrains, and create lasting memories as you navigate this beautiful country in the comfort and convenience of the Kiwi Cruise motorhome.

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