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Introducing Koru 2 Freedom, an upgraded version of our Walkthrough model, meticulously designed to elevate your campervan rental experience in New Zealand.

Key features include an intuitive on-board touchscreen system with a reversing camera, a fixed stereo/TV setup, a convenient pull-out pantry, ambient LED night lighting, and ample storage space. The rear lounge suite features a spacious drawer, ideal for medium-sized suitcases or various soft travel bags.

Innovations include a potent 280-watt solar system coupled with 2.88 kilowatt hours of house battery storage, ensuring enhanced energy sustainability. Additionally, we’ve transitioned to a diesel-fueled heating system, linked to the vehicle’s diesel tank, offering more efficient energy storage and minimizing gas bottle refills. The heating system utilizes approximately 300ml of diesel per hour for heating.

For hot water needs, we’ve integrated a heat exchanger powered by the vehicle’s cooling system, eliminating the need for additional fuels. Once the engine reaches operating temperature, the in-house water remains hot for up to 24 hours.

With a balance of solar power, ample energy storage, and efficient heating, you’ll find little need to refuel gas bottles or seek charging on paid campgrounds, especially when opting for off-the-grid adventures in the pristine nature of remote New Zealand.

For those seeking the ultimate freedom camping experience amidst New Zealand’s remote beauty, Koru 2 Freedom is the perfect choice.

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