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Introducing our Budgy Twin, the ideal selection for couples or a pair of friends embarking on a journey together. The spacious double bed easily transforms into two separate single beds, ensuring personal space and comfort during your travels. With the added convenience of a gas heating system, the Budgy Twin promises warmth and coziness, even amidst the coldest nights.

This camper is thoughtfully designed to encompass all the necessities for an extraordinary adventure exploring the beauty of New Zealand. Its offerings comprise a fully equipped kitchen, complete with a fridge, stove, and kitchen sink, catering to all your culinary needs on the road. Additionally, the Budgy Twin boasts ample storage solutions, ensuring you can pack along everything you require for a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Embarking on a journey in the Budgy Twin is an invitation to not only traverse the stunning landscapes of New Zealand but to do so in comfort, style, and with the convenience of a well-designed living space. Uncover the wonders of this beautiful country, create lasting memories, and find home away from home within the cozy confines of the Budgy Twin. Your adventure awaits, and it begins with the perfect camper companion, the Budgy Twin.

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