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Explore the Enchantment of Lake Tekapo

Explore the Enchantment of Lake Tekapo in Spring and Early Summer: A Gem in New Zealand’s South Island

Lake Tekapo, nestled in the stunning backdrop of the Southern Alps of New Zealand, is a truly magical destination that reveals a particularly enchanting side in spring and early summer. Its turquoise waters, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and lush green hills, make this lake a gem on the South Island. In this blog post, we delve into the beauty and fascinating history of Lake Tekapo during these seasons.

5 Resons why you should visit Lake Tekapo

1. The Colorful Splendor of Lake Tekapo in Spring

In spring, the surroundings of Lake Tekapo come alive as the lupins burst into full bloom. The lake’s shores transform into a vibrant sea of flowers, painting the landscape with pure beauty. A stroll along the lakeside promenade becomes a visual feast for the senses.

2. The Church of the Good Shepherd

On the shores of Lake Tekapo stands the iconic Church of the Good Shepherd, a small stone chapel that harmoniously blends into the blooming landscape. The combination of blooming lupins and the majestic mountain backdrop makes this place especially magical in spring.

3. World-Class Stargazing

Even in spring and summer, the Lake remains part of the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve, one of the best places in the world for stargazing. On clear nights, the region offers an unobstructed view of the Milky Way and numerous constellations.

4. Outdoor Activities and Adventures

The warmer months invite a variety of outdoor activities. From hikes along the blooming lakeside promenade to boat rides on the lake and cycling tours through the idyllic surroundings, spring and summer bring a wealth of adventures.

5. Relaxation in the Hot Springs and Flower Fields

After an active day in nature, Tekapo Springs not only beckon for relaxation in the hot pools but also provide an opportunity to admire the blooming lupin fields. Surrounded by a spectacular view of the lake and mountains, these flower fields offer a picturesque backdrop for relaxation and photography.

Here is the Google Maps Link for the Lupins Field.


Lake Tekapo reveals itself in spring and summer as a place of changing seasons, where nature shines in full splendor. The blooming lupins, the picturesque Church of the Good Shepherd, and the breathtaking night sky make Lake Tekapo a must-visit during your journey through New Zealand’s South Island.

If you have the opportunity to visit Lake Tekapo in spring or summer, don’t miss the blooming lupin fields. Experience the refreshing beauty of this season and discover why it is rightfully considered a gem of the South Island. Your unforgettable adventure awaits!

Experience the true essence of Lake Tekapo with the flexibility and comfort that a campervan provides. Your journey awaits – start exploring today!

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