Meet The CWW Team

The CamperWorldwide team comprises avid and seasoned travelers in their own right, driven by a passion for exploring the world. Having ventured through over 30 diverse countries, our expertise is particularly honed in the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand and Australia. We don’t just know the well-trodden paths; we’re connoisseurs of the hidden gems that adorn these incredible destinations.

Our travel experiences have instilled in us the wisdom of the road – insights that go beyond conventional guidebooks. We understand the desire to maximize every moment of your journey while being mindful of your budget. With this in mind, we’re eager to share our insider tips on saving money, discovering off-the-beaten-path treasures, and making the most of your travel and holiday experiences.

Whether you’re yearning for an adventure amidst the stunning fjords of New Zealand, the vast deserts of Australia, or any other corner of this beautiful world, we’re here to empower you with the knowledge to make your expedition extraordinary. Join us in unlocking a world of travel possibilities, where each day is a new discovery and every penny is well spent.

Volkmar Wollenweber → CamperWorldWide → CamperWorldWide

Volkmar Wollenweber

Residing in New Zealand, currently navigating the open road, and eagerly anticipating the upcoming adventure of sailing around the world.


Steffen Weisflog

Having explored the enchanting landscapes of New Zealand and Australia, I currently reside in Germany.

Steffen Weisflog Agent → CamperWorldWide → CamperWorldWide
Friederike Sales Agent → CamperWorldWide → CamperWorldWide
IT / Agent

Friederike Gust

Born and raised in Germany, I have embarked on journeys across New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and Europe, exploring the diverse landscapes and cultures each destination has to offer.


Friederike Köhler

Originating from Germany, I've set out on voyages through Australia and Europe, immersing myself in the varied landscapes and cultures unique to each destination.

Freddy Sales Agent → CamperWorldWide → CamperWorldWide


Finding the most suitable deals for our customers and provide them with qualified information about the country they want to travel.


Having a reputation by our customers of first class customer service


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