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Introducing the Koru Star 3 Freedom: Elevate Your Camping Experience

Please be aware that the finalized specifications for the Koru Star 3 Freedom may undergo minor variations as we continue manufacturing.

The Koru Star 3 Freedom represents the pinnacle of camper van innovation, based on the reliable VW Crafter 35 platform. While maintaining almost identical dimensions and features to its predecessor, the Crafter introduces cutting-edge technology for enhanced road safety and damage protection. Here’s what sets it apart:

Advanced Safety and Convenience The onboard composition media touchscreen, complemented by a 360-degree protection system, offers advanced obstacle warning capabilities, ensuring you’re well-prepared to navigate challenging terrain. For families with young children, the passenger airbag can be easily disabled when using rear-facing car seats, providing an added layer of safety.

Flexible Bedding Options Tailoring to your preferences, we offer two bedding configurations. Option A includes a double bed and one single bed—a perfect family setup for parents and a child. The safety net ensures your child’s security while you relax or enjoy a movie below. Option B features three single beds, making it ideal for up to three adult friends. The flexibility to sleep three adults separately combines economy and comfort for outdoor adventures.

Off-Grid Independence With a powerful 340W solar panel and MPPT controller, coupled with a 2.88KWh battery power bank, you’ll never run out of power, liberating you from reliance on powered campsites. Stay warm during chilly nights with a robust 2KW Webasto diesel heater, insulated with lanolin-soaked sheep wool. This natural insulation resists moisture and pests like moths and dust mites. Multiple USB and 12V outlets in the sleeping area ensure your devices stay charged. Additionally, the rear windows, along with the sliding door window and an extra roof hatch, provide excellent ventilation.

Certified Self-Contained The Koru Star 3 Freedom is fully certified as self-contained, adhering to current and future certification standards. This not only saves you on powered campsite expenses but also allows you to explore remote areas in New Zealand with confidence.

Feature-Packed Interior Standard features include a 19″ Avtex TV paired with an Avtex Bluetooth soundbar for music enthusiasts, a generously sized pull-out pantry, soft ambient LED night lighting, and ample storage options. A large and energy-efficient 90L fridge provides ample space for your off-grid culinary delights.

On-Demand Hot Water Hot water is readily available through an instantaneous gas system, designed for campervans. It’s easy to use and highly economical on gas consumption.

In summary, the Koru Star 3 Freedom is designed to offer compact and off-grid family accommodation with a separate sleeping area for a young child. Alternatively, it provides a compact and economical solution for three adults, each with their own separate bed. Embrace the freedom of the road with this exceptional camper van, where adventure knows no boundaries. Your dream camping experience begins here!

We look forward to your stay.

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