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Introducing the Wendekreisen Koru Star 2 Freedom (LDV): Elevate Your Campervan Adventure

The Wendekreisen Koru Star 2 Freedom (LDV) is the latest addition to our freedom range, and it’s designed to make your campervan adventure truly exceptional. Tailored for two people, this campervan seamlessly combines off-grid capabilities with the latest 2022 vehicle manufacturing standards.

A Cabin Designed for Comfort

The cabin offers spacious and comfortable seating, ensuring a relaxing journey. Equipped with a phone-compatible touchscreen, reversing camera, USB ports, and a smooth 6-speed automatic transmission, you’ll enjoy both convenience and modernity while on the road.

Energy Independence and Efficiency

We’ve integrated a potent 340-watt MPPT controlled 12-volt solar system and paired it with a 2.88-kilowatt-hour fast-charging battery storage, ensuring you have a continuous power supply. While driving, the alternator also contributes to charging your batteries. When you’re at campsites, a quality mains power charging system is at your disposal.

Efficient Heating for Cozy Nights

Stay warm during chilly nights with our 2.2KW variable-speed diesel heating system, which connects directly to the vehicle’s fuel tank. Its ‘set and forget’ feature brings quiet and efficient warmth to your cozy space. With a fuel consumption of just about 300ml of diesel per hour, you won’t need to worry about refueling gas bottles or charging batteries on paid campgrounds.

On-Demand Hot Water, No Gas Required

Enjoy hot water on demand with our heat exchanger system, linked to the vehicle’s cooling system. There’s no need for gas or any other fuel to heat water. Once the engine reaches operating temperature, your in-house water will remain hot for up to 24 hours.

Unparalleled Comfort and Quality Sleep

Rest is crucial on holidays, and our campervans are equipped with top-quality medium-density Dunlop foam mattresses. These mattresses come with an anti-mould guarantee, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic sleep.

Entertainment and Convenience

Experience entertainment on the road with our Netflix-compatible Avtex smart TV and soundbar, which can also double as a Bluetooth speaker. Organize your groceries effortlessly with our custom-designed pull-out pantry. Ambient LED night lighting adds a touch of elegance, and ample storage ensures you have space for all your essentials.

Your Perfect Companion for Freedom Camping

If you’re planning to explore New Zealand through freedom camping with a compact 2-berth campervan, then the Wendekreisen Koru Star 2 Freedom (LDV) is the perfect vehicle for your adventure. Experience independence, comfort, and the freedom to roam this stunning country like never before. Your dream campervan adventure begins here!

We look forward to your stay.

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