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Kiwi 4

This Ford Transit 4 Berth Camper, equipped with a toilet and shower, provides all the essentials for a delightful journey across the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand.

Generously spacious and remarkably easy to handle, this camper boasts a robust diesel engine that not only delivers substantial power but also ensures fuel efficiency. Experience a blend of style and functionality as you embark on your travels, enjoying restful sleep, convenient cooking, and efficient mobility. Perfect for couples or a group of friends seeking an all-in-one self-contained unit for their adventure.

Inside this camper, you’ll find a well-equipped kitchen, a foldable table for added convenience, an extra-large bed for a cozy night’s rest, a fully functional shower and toilet, a gas stove for cooking, heating for chilly nights, a microwave for quick meals, and a fridge to keep your provisions fresh. For more detailed specifications, refer to the information below.

Excitingly, the Happy 4 camper is now officially certified as Fully Self-Contained to meet NZ Standard 5465:2001. This certification grants you access to a broader range of stunning locations within our beautiful country.

Please note that Road User Charges are applicable for this vehicle, ensuring compliance with regulations while you explore the stunning landscapes of New Zealand.

We look forward to your stay.

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